• Live music shows

We provide live music shows for international customers.

It is hard to find a place in Tokyo where you can casually enjoy drink while listening to live music, right? 
Come enjoy our service at JAM SESSION near Okachimachi Station on the Yamanote Line. 
This is a live music venue where people from different countries can have a good time.

There is no entrance fee.
Just ordering food & drinks is fine.

Open 19:00
Act  19:30〜

Latest live performance dates

 ●January 17th (Wednesday)   JAM Hendrix
 ●January 22th (Monday)    The Late Night Hit’s Band
 ●January 27th (Saturday)    La Banda Del Blues Amigos JP

Sorry, we don’t have English-speaking staff available on other business days.

It is still an experimental business, so don’t have many business days.
We will increase the number of business days in the future.

First of all, please visit once.
And please tell your friends about this live show.


  Beer ¥800
  Whiskey & soda ¥700
  Other cocktails ¥700
    … and more

  Edamame ¥300
  Fried chicken ¥600 
  Chicken burger ¥500
    … and more